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New DA ID 2012 by Eripmav-darkness New DA ID 2012 by Eripmav-darkness
WHOO! This is my all-time OTP! XD Yami Yugi x Will Vandom (I made Will)

NOTE! I didn't do this pose! It belongs to ~Italy--Feliciano Check out their kissing posses XD
AND!!! The stage belongs to ~ShikaneNara
...Except the Will model...
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darkartsfart Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
Hey. Have you ever pondered the idea of the five Guardians replacing Yu-Gi-Oh! characters?
Eripmav-darkness Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Student Writer
What five guardians?
darkartsfart Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014
Let me reiterate: what if Will and her other four friends replaced/became the Duelist they were most like. Something like casting Phobos as Yami Bakura for example.
Eripmav-darkness Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Student Writer
Well: Will would be Yami (I ship those two), Irma would be Joey, Taranee would be Tea, Cornelia would be Kaiba (Ship them), Hay Lin...Vivian. Her Grandma would be Solomon.
darkartsfart Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014
Once Arc V came out, I found that each Guardian fit well as one of the protagonists.

1) Will as Judai/Jaden: Jaden is the free-spirited and fun-loving duelist who duels for fun but is plunged into a fate greater that initially goes over his head (becoming Haou the Supreme King and using his domain over darkness to maintain the balance between light and dark). In a similar vein, Will is much the same but her passions are swimming and caring for animals. Plus, she has the extra burden of carrying the Heart of Kandrakar and the status of the leader of the W.I.T.C.H. Plus there's that reincarnation business pertaining to their love interests but that's another story.

2) Irma as Yuma: both are the hard-headed, loud-mouthed dunderheads of bunch. In addition, the two have pretty much matured the most of the course of their series. Irma started out boy crazy, insensitive, and semi-unempathetic to other but as time went on learned the importance of loved ones (both familiar and romantic) and better able to read and react to a tense situation. Yuma, meanwhile, was brash, crude, and stubborn when it came to dueling but as he learned dueling through his friends, he came to better appreciate those around him to have more forethought in his duels, going from failing to Set Spells and Traps to regularly setting up complex gambits on the fly. Plus, Yuma being the only protagonist with an actual family life (grandparent, parents (pre-series), AND sibling) ties well to Irma's family getting the most backstory and characterization.

3) Taranee as Yuya: Yuya is a unique addition to the series as he's a middle of the road duelist at the start rather than a total pro (like Atem, Jaden, or Yusei) or a complete failure (like Yugi and Yuma) from the beginning. Yuya is a developing showman who is out to follow the greatness of his now-disgraced missing father. Taranee, while fairly dissimilar to Yuya from the outset, shares many of his established internal insecurities. Plus, as a competitive dancer at the Jensen Academy, she has the most experience with performing for crowds. While Arc-V is still in its early days, the real factor that puts Yuya as Taranee's protagonist is his ace monster, which is a fire-breathing dragon.

4) Cornelia as Yusei: this one is basically the trickiest pair of the five, seeing as Cornelia is the privileged daughter of a banker and Yusei is pretty much a slum king. But in spite of Cornelia's lavish upbringing and Yusei's life of enforced poverty, both are characters who have their better nature and commitment to their friends prevail over all else. Plus, their respective first actions in the each series pretty much highlight their inherent nobility and concern for others. Yusei spends the better part of an episode keeping the police from arresting his friend at his own risk while Cornelia seeks out and confronts Uriah for trying to pick on Will without any ulterior motive. In addition, Yusei's unsaid motto of newer and better things out of junk in nearly all aspects of his life connects well with Cornelia's ability to manipulate and control her surroundings with her Earth powers and telepathy.

5) Hay Lin as Yugi: this one was a no-brainer. Both are the imaginative and youthful teen with the prominent grandparent and pure spirit. Well, that an their respective heritage keeps managing to pop up and bite them in the butt every so often. Though everything else about them seems to differ greatly. Yugi was a walking fist magnet until he was sixteen while Hay Lin successfully avoided getting bullied for the longest time and otherwise knows Kung Fu from a young age. Hay Lin is passionate about art, music, and Astronomy while Yugi is often immersed in puzzles, board games, and Duel Monsters. And so on. That said, you'll rarely see either of them without a smile. When you don't, expect pain.

So yeah. That.
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January 29, 2012
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